HOA Community Workdays

Our Annual HOA Community Workday/Saws and Slaws Events is coming up on Saturday, May 30th from 8AM – Noon. We will be helping 8 HOA members with wildfire/forest health mitigation work around their homes. We need volunteers to drop trees, drag slash to the roadside for chipping, rake pine needles away from the homes we are mitigating at, and help with the BBQ. A reminder that anyone operating a chain saw at the event must have completed the Saws and Slaws Sawyer Class or been otherwise sawyer certified. This is a GREAT opportunity to do some great work, get to know your neighbors, and contribute to the overall wildfire safety in our neighborhood. Please email Marc at sahfahoa@gmail.com if you can volunteer.

We Need:
10 Sawyers (S&S trained or S-212 certified sawyer)
25 Swampers (people dragging slash to the roadside for chipping)
3 ATV’s and operators (must be at least 18)
2 people to hand out water and/or photograph the workday
2 people to help with the BBQ

Our schedule is already pretty full for the day. However if you have a tree or two near your home that you need a very skilled sawyer to take down, please let me know asap and we’ll try to help you out.

Sayers and Assistant Sayers will all be required to have the proper minimum safety gear: helmet, ear and eye protection, gloves, chaps, and sturdy boots.

Swampers are requested to have: gloves and long pants and long sleeve shirt, and recommended to have: helmet, ear and eye protection.