Curbside Slash Chipping Program

Curbside Chipping is tentatively scheduled to start Monday, June 12th

HOA Director Jamie Carpenter has secured a grant from Boulder County to help offset the cost of the curbside chipping program again this year. High Timber will again be the contractor to complete the chipping.  It is important to follow the details below. Chipping is nasty, dangerous work and we can all help make this work easier and safer by following the rules below.  Materials may be skipped over if they do not comply with the rules!
1. WHAT: NO LOGS! Slash (branches) only. The tops of trees up to 5″ in diameter are okay. No whole trees, please cut them up in 8’ lengths – even if they are less than 5” in diameter (like Juniper trees and thin Lodge Pole Pine). Bushes are okay. Please do not pile slash with logs, stumps, fence posts, or other trash that it not being chipped.
2. HOW: Slash must be organized at the roadside with the butts of the branches towards the roadway so the contractor can easily grab and feed into the chipper. See the pictures below for examples of how to do this.
3. WHERE: Slash must be easily accessed from the roadway (not driveways). The contractor will not work from a pile set back more than 10′ from the road and carry to the chipper. If possible, place the slash on a level location or just uphill from the roadway. Please avoid placing on a slope lower than the roadway. Please keep slash out of the drainage ditches. Property with roads on two sides of their lot can place slash to be removed from either roadway. Please try to place slash where the roadway is widest to
keep roadway open during chipping.
4. FINE PRINT: No little stuff! The contractor will not be picking up piles of pine needles, leaves, or small branches – so please don’t add it to the pile. There will be a fair amount of small stuff left on the ground after the slash is removed. This is especially true if the slash being removed is dead/dried out. This left over small stuff is not the responsibility of the contractor to cleanup and/or remove.
NOTE – if you left your slash out by the road this winter please wash the road grime off the pile. It damages the chipper and your pile may be skipped if excessive.
For more information, please download the following PDF Slash Rules.

Properly staged slash.



Unacceptable slash staging. The butts are not facing out and whole logs are thrown in the pile. This will not be chipped!



This is a pile of debris not slash. It will not be chipped